Open PHACTS data repository

This repository contains the Linked Data used by the Open PHACTS Discovery Platform. Anyone can request access to the repository by registering.

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Data sources

Imported Open Data sources are integrated and linked together so that you can easily see the relationships between compounds, targets, pathways, diseases and tissues.

Sources include ChEBI, ChEMBL, ChemSpider, ConceptWiki, DisGeNET, DrugBank, FAERS, Gene Ontology, neXtProt, SureChembl, UniProt, WikiPathways.

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The Open PHACTS Discovery Platform provide APIs for querying and exploring the Open PHACTS datasets. Simply sign up for your free access keys.

Note that the API signup and keys are separate from Data Repository registration above.

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Installing your own

The Open PHACTS platform can be installed on your own virtual machine, cloud instance or local Linux server based on the Docker container technology.

The installation includes a full copy of the public Open PHACTS dataset, providing your own SPARQL endpoint, API and Identity Mapping Service.

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